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Selling Timeshare Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in selling your timeshare, you most likely have a lot of questions about the sales process and how to get started. Below, find the answers to everything you need to begin selling your timeshare on the secondary market.

How do I decide how much to advertise my timeshare for?

For starters, you need to be aware that you will most likely not be able to sell your timeshare at the same price you initially paid. In fact, the majority of timeshares sell on the resale market for only about 30-50% of the initial price. Spend some time researching information about your ownership and see how much similar timeshares are being advertised for. Since Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club is a popular resort in a sought-after destination, your timeshare may list higher than many other Marriott timeshare ownerships. To make sure you advertise at a reasonable asking price, let our timeshare resale specialists help you with a free appraisal by filling out our market value request form.

What paperwork will I need to sell my timeshare?

There is certain paperwork you should have from your original purchase. This includes:

  • Your deed/membership agreement
  • Financing agreement (if you still have one)
  • Maintenance fee information
  • The name and address of your Home Resort: Aruba Ocean Club, LG Smith Boulevard #99, Aruba

However, if you are missing any of these, do not worry. You can always call Aruba Ocean Club for a copy, or contact one of our resale specialists at 1-855-793-8212 to figure out next steps in reclaiming the documents.

Will all of my ownership rights transfer over to the next buyer?

Since resorts and ownership types vary greatly, as do laws that regulate the resale of timeshares, it is important to do some research on your brand ownership in order to know which parts of your membership are transferable to the buyer when it comes time to sell.

Marriott does have a few restrictions when it comes to the resale market. If you own a week membership with Marriott, the buyer will not be able to enroll into the Marriott Vacation Destinations Exchange Program. The ability to exchange a week for Marriott Rewards Points will also not transfer to the buyer with a resale. Find more information about Marriott resale restrictions here.

What is the Right to First Refusal (ROFR)?

Right of First Refusal is a deeded clause that you originally signed when you purchased your timeshare. It states that the resort is allowed to buy back your timeshare for the advertised (resale) price before any private buyer is allowed to. However, if the resort waives their right to ROFR, the resale process can continue.

Our timeshare resale specialists can help you determine if you have a ROFR clause in your timeshare contract.

If you have any additional questions about the timeshare selling process, feel free to contact one of our timeshare specialists for more information.

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