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Timeshare Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in buying an Aruba Ocean Club timeshare resale through Find out everything you need to know about buying on the secondary market and owning a timeshare here. Or if you just want to browse, check out our inventory of Aruba Ocean Club timeshares for sale by owner.

What is a timeshare?

A timeshare is a form of vacation ownership, when you essentially buy the right to an annual vacation at a specific Home Resort, or general membership (depending on which brand ownership you decide to purchase). When you purchase a timeshare to Aruba Ocean Club, you buy the right to a general Marriott ownership through a points-based system.

Weeks vs. Points

There are two different kinds of vacation ownerships — weeks-based and points-based. Although you can buy a week-based timeshare, Marriott’s main membership plan is points-based through the Marriott Vacation Club program.

When you purchase a timeshare resale to Aruba Ocean Club, you are purchasing ownership to The Marriott Vacation Club. As a member of this club, you are given a specific allotment of points a year to do whatever you choose with. Pick from a wide selection of destinations, resorts, and accommodations. Visit the Aruba Ocean Club year after year, or use your points to try out a new location.

If you prefer to have a weeks-based ownership, Marriott can accommodate you. Buy a fixed or floating week for Aruba Ocean Club to visit every year, or exchange your week through Interval International to explore other destination and resort options affiliated with Marriott or Interval International.

The points-based system allows you more flexibility to choose where you want to go, what size unit you want, and how long you want to stay. However, since you do not have a set ownership at any particular resort, it is best to reserve your vacation as soon as possible to make sure it is available.

The week-based system is the more traditional form of vacation ownership. Week members are allowed to book before points members, so there is usually a better chance of booking the reservation you want. Week owners typically own a week in a certain season every year at their Home Resort, and then are allowed to use the exchange program if they decide to try a different resort.

Timeshares vs. Hotels

A timeshare, for the most part, is at a resort destination as opposed to a hotel. Resorts have suites, villas, lodges, and other unit options that are much larger than a typical hotel room. More features and amenities are also available at timeshare resorts.

Buying a timeshare on the resale market vs. straight from the resort

Buying a timeshare straight from the resort is typically much more expensive than purchasing one on the resale market. This is because resorts have hidden add-on fees to the final timeshare price, including marketing campaigns and sales incentives. A timeshare on the resale market is considered “used” because it is being sold by a current Marriott member. However, there is no difference between the unit itself since the Marriott resort staff is in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of the actual unit. A timeshare for sale by owner is cheaper because you are paying the fair price of the timeshare without the additional charges.

Do I have to pay maintenance fees?

Yes, maintenance fees are an additional charge for all timeshares that you will have to continue to pay after your original membership purchase. With an Aruba Ocean Club timeshare, you will have an annual maintenance fee, which includes an operating, reserve, and utilities fee.

How much does an Aruba Ocean Club timeshare cost?

Prices for an Aruba Ocean Club timeshare vary depending upon what size unit you would like, which week or season you choose, and other such factors. Also, Aruba Ocean Club timeshare resales are typically much cheaper than buying straight from Marriott.

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